Summers in St. Louis, MO, are oppressively hot and humid. Cranking up the air conditioner is one way to get relief, but this could drive up your electricity bills. As your AC contractors, we offer advice on how to lower your air conditioning costs this summer without sacrificing your comfort.

Replace Dirty Air Filters

One of the simplest ways to lower your air conditioning costs this summer is to regularly check and replace the AC filter. Replacing a dirty or clogged filter with a clean one decreases the air conditioner’s energy usage by as much as 15 percent, explains the Department of Energy. Air filter replacement is part of our tune-up services, and we can show you how to change the air filter between maintenance visits.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

If you’re still using a manual or analog thermostat, now is a great time to invest in a programmable or smart thermostat. These thermostats save you money by making automatic adjustments to your home’s temperature when you’re away. By increasing the temperature while you’re at work or running errands, you’ll lower your energy usage. Smart thermostats have algorithms that allow them to learn your schedule. Many include sensors or geofencing features that detect when you’re home and resting versus out of the house. The thermostat will have your home cooled to your preferred temperature by the time you return.

Schedule AC Maintenance

Professional air conditioning maintenance ensures that your air conditioner operates as efficiently as possible. Maintenance tasks include cleaning the condensate line, which prevents obstructions that could lead to costly AC repairs. AC tune-ups also include cleaning the coils and fins, which increase the air conditioner’s energy efficiency. We also check the air ducts, looking for gaps or obstructions that allow air to leak or hinder the flow of cooled air into your living spaces. A tune-up includes checking the refrigerant level for leaks, which impact the system’s effectiveness at cooling.

For additional tips on how to lower your air conditioning costs this summer, check out C & G Heating & Cooling’s air conditioning services, or call us for more info.

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