Everyone enjoys saving money on their energy bills, and you can as well when you install a smart thermostat in your Webster Groves, Missouri, home. Let’s look at a few ways that a smart thermostat will save you money and make your home more comfortable.

Learns Your Routines

Your smart thermostat learns your behaviors and routines. It decides when to raise and lower the temperature of your home without you needing to program it. The smart thermostat makes the adjustments automatically. When you leave the house, the thermostat knows to raise the temperature during the cooling season and lower the heater during the cold months. It knows when you will come home and adjusts the temperature so that your home feels comfortable when you walk in. You save money by not running the HVAC system at normal levels when no one is home.

You Can Adjust the Temperature Remotely

If your plans change and you aren’t coming home at your regular time, simply adjust the temperature remotely. Download the app that is compatible with your smart thermostat on your mobile device. You can make adjustments to the temperature when you need to, no matter where you are. You save money because you only heat or cool the house when someone is there.

Extends the Life Span of Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is one of the largest investments you will make for your home. If it is running constantly to keep your home comfortable, even if you are not there, it works harder and longer. The more it works, the more wear and tear incurs, reducing its life expectancy. The smart thermostat helps to prevent the system from overworking, thus saving you money on your investment.

Give our professional team at C & G Heating & Cooling a call today to schedule an appointment to have us install a smart thermostat or to have your HVAC system maintained. You can reach us at (314) 254-9196.

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