HVAC units are common appliances that generally go about their work quietly. The problem with this is that it’s easy to forget about them. If you forget to complete regular maintenance, the lifespan of your St. Louis AC system could be decreased. It can also cost you more in utility bills. Use the following maintenance tips to keep your system running efficiently.

Tip 1: Change the Thermostat Temperature Setting According to the Season

Season changes mean that it’s time for you to change your thermostat temperature. When summer arrives, you’ll also want to reprogram the thermostat to 78 degrees while in the winter, you should set it at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This step will save you money on your utility bill.

Tip 2: Change Your Air Filter

Be sure to change your HVAC’s air filter regularly. During the summer, the filter may become filled with debris faster than other times of the year. This is because your unit will be working harder.

Tip 3: Clean the Space Around the Exterior Unit

Remove any debris from around the exterior part of your HVAC unit. Eliminate plants, leaves or any other debris that’s close to it. Keep branches pruned and weeds pulled.

Sign Up for an Annual Maintenance Plan

Regular maintenance will help keep your unit working efficiently and effectively. It can also extend the amount of time that your system continues to operate, saving you money.

Proper annual maintenance in the spring will save you money by ensuring that your St. Louis system operates more efficiently. Investing in maintenance may help your system last longer. Contact C & G Heating & Cooling to sign up for an annual maintenance plan today.

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