Air conditioners should function cyclically, meaning that they should turn on when you need them and turn off when you don’t. If yours works around the clock to cool your home in Kirkwood, MO, that’s a clear sign of trouble. Here are a few reasons why your AC might not turn off.

System Too Small

Let’s discuss the worst-case scenario first, which is that your AC is too small for your home. If this is true, your system will struggle to cool your home and will probably have to operate continuously to be able to approach that goal.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy fix for this. This problem exists because someone installed a wrong-sized AC in your home, and the only way to eliminate the issue is to remove the old AC and install a new one that’s the proper size. For this, HVAC technicians will need to carefully perform a manual J-load calculation and assess other factors that determine which size AC you need.

Insufficient Refrigerant

ACs use refrigerant to absorb heat from the air in one area and move it to another area. The quantity of refrigerant in your system affects the rate at which it can perform this operation. Therefore, if some refrigerant leaks out of your AC, the system may need to work continuously to keep you comfortable.

Refrigerant leaks can pose many other threats to your health and safety. If you suspect a leak, an HVAC technician should perform maintenance on your system that will include replacing any lost refrigerant and plugging the source of the leak.

Dirty Filters

A simple but common explanation for an AC that won’t turn off is that it has a dirty filter. If enough dust gathers on the filter, it will restrict airflow and diminish the ability of the system to cool your home. If the airflow restriction is severe enough, your AC won’t overheat but will end up having to work non-stop.

This is why it’s important to remember to change or clean your air filter. Doing so once every 90 days should prevent this problem.

If your AC in Kirkwood, MO won’t turn off, it’s time to take action rather than wait. Call C & G Heating & Cooling, and schedule AC repairs today.

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