During the summer in St. Louis, MO, many people receive high energy bills because they set their thermostats too low to stay cool. There are practical ways to beat the heat and save money while running an air conditioner this summer. If you need tips for setting your thermostat at the optimal temperature, use the strategies in this AC performance guide.

Best Temperature for an Occupied Home

While everyone is at home, you must find a balance to stay cool and comfortable without spiking your energy bill. According to the United States Department of Energy, 78 degrees Fahrenheit is a practical thermostat temperature setting for an air conditioner because it helps an average homeowner eliminate heat without spending too much money.

Best Temperature for an Empty Home

When you’re away from home, you should turn up the thermostat to save money. Instead of keeping your house reasonably cool, raise the thermostat’s temperature by 10 degrees. Your home will be slightly warmer when you walk through the front door. You could set your programmable thermostat to lower the temperature one hour before you arrive home.

From a financial standpoint, you should begin a normal cooling cycle when you’re home. You will reduce your energy costs by decreasing energy consumption.

Cooling Strategies

In the summer, 78 degrees may not feel very comfortable if high heat from the outdoors interferes with your AC system. To maximize your air conditioner’s cooling efficiency, follow these steps:

  • Put curtains or blinds over all windows to block sunlight that shines into the home.
  • Place new weatherstripping and caulk around windows and doors to prevent air leaks.
  • Use appliances that produce a lot of heat less often throughout the day.

To get the most out of your AC equipment throughout the summer in St. Louis, MO, you should get a tune-up. C & G Heating and Cooling maintenance plans include seasonal service so that your system is ready for the heat of summer. If you’d like to try our service to ensure that your AC system is energy efficient, contact us today.

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