Ideally, your heat pump should work in cycles while providing warmth for your home. However, certain issues may cause your system to run continuously. We will cover the reasons why your heat pump is running constantly in Crestwood, MO.

Extreme Temperatures

Your heat pump warms your home by drawing heat from outside and transferring it into your home. Therefore, when it’s too cold (say below 30 degrees Fahrenheit), the unit may have a difficult time trying to warm your home. Typically, a heat pump will have a heat strip that will produce heat when the outside air is too cold.

Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant helps to relay heat from outside into your home while circulating between the evaporator and condenser coils. Damage to your refrigerant lines may cause the fluid to leak. If you hear hissing or gurgling sounds from your heat pump, your refrigerant could be leaking.

Your system may no longer be able to relay heat efficiently when the refrigerant levels are low. Consequently, it runs without stopping, trying to bring heat into your home.

An Undersized System

Your heat pump should be the right fit for your home to regulate temperatures efficiently. While you may assume an undersized system will save on energy costs, that is not true.

On the contrary, it will increase your energy bill. This is because your home’s heating load overwhelms the system, prompting it to run without stopping to try to achieve the temperatures on the thermostat.

Before you buy and install a new unit, ensure you engage a certified technician to determine your home’s heating load. This will help to arrive at the correctly sized system for your house.

Dirty Condenser Coils

During the colder months, your heat pump uses the condenser coils to absorb heat from outside. Dirt and debris may accumulate on this component, reducing your system’s ability to absorb heat. Consequently, it will for longer periods, trying to acquire as much heat as it can.

Contact C & G Heating & Cooling for quality heating services in the Midwest. We will carefully inspect your unit to pinpoint the problem and work on it to restore its efficiency.

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