Originally posted in April 8, 2019, updated Jan. 11, 2022

Did you know that the same ultraviolet (UV) light that causes sunburns also helps to clean the outside air? That’s why indoor air, on average, is two to five times dirtier than outside air. If you’d like to make your indoor air healthier for everyone in your Webster, Missouri home, using the power of UV lights, an ultraviolet air cleaner can help.

What Are UV Air Cleaners?

UV air cleaners are specialized devices that produce electromagnetic radiation in the form of UV-C light. This type of light is capable of destroying pollutants, including bacteria, viruses and many allergens that are so small they will easily pass through a standard air filter. As contaminants are removed, indoor air quality improves.

How Do They Work?

When a UV air cleaner is installed in your indoor air handler, close to the coils, your home’s air will pass through the UV-C light as it recirculates. UV-C light is the strongest of all types of UV light because it has the shortest wavelength. It’s so powerful that it kills the bacteria, biological growth and other microorganisms in the air by destroying their DNA. This purification method is 99 percent effective. This area of your HVAC system is prone to accumulating impurities and biologic particulates due to the condensation that forms on the coils during the refrigeration process.

Are They Safe?

Because they’re installed inside your HVAC equipment, your family and pets should never be exposed to the UV-C light produced by the cleaner. Limited exposure should not pose any health problems, but you should avoid looking directly into the light. Turn off your air handler using either the switch or the circuit breaker before changing the filter or opening the unit for any other purpose.

If you’d like to learn more about how a UV air cleaner can improve your indoor air, check out C & G Heating & Cooling’s indoor air quality solutions or call us for more information. And be sure to ask us about the REME HALO┬« Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier.

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