The HVAC system plays a vital role in ensuring the utmost comfort of your staff and clients. Routine inspection and maintenance are crucial for your HVAC system to retain top-notch operational efficiency. Here are some common commercial HVAC problems in St. Louis, MO, that you shouldn’t dismiss.

Clogged Coils

The condenser coils gradually accumulate dirt and dust on the fins. Additionally, the coil fins wear over time due to chemical corrosion.

Dirty condenser coils significantly hinder heat circulation and airflow. Routine inspection is essential to maintain optimal efficiency of the heating system.

Unusual Sounds

Most HVAC systems operate quietly. Unfamiliar sounds coming from the HVAC system require immediate attention and repair.

A screeching noise from the heating system signifies the need for lubricant on the moving components. A banging sound means that there are some unfastened, broken or cracked parts in your system. Rattling and booming noises are also indicators of HVAC damage.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

The HVAC air filters help to provide healthy indoor air quality. Essentially, these filters eliminate allergens, contaminants and pollutants. With time, the filters become clogged as debris and dirt accumulate.

Debris buildup impedes airflow. Clogged air filters also make you highly susceptible to respiratory diseases and allergic reactions. It’s advisable to change your air filters once per month.

Uneven Airflow

Central heating systems should maintain proper air balance in all rooms. Temperature variations within the building signify potential damage to the HVAC system.

Cracks or leaks in the air ducts are leading causes of imbalanced airflow. Additionally, the variations could be due to damaged HVAC dampers. It will help to seek expert assistance if you’re struggling with fluctuating temperatures.

A technician can detect potential commercial HVAC problems during maintenance visits. Contact C & G Heating & Cooling for exceptional commercial HVAC installation and repair services.

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