The air quality inside your St. Louis, MO home can affect your health, productivity and comfort. Common signs of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) include headaches, eye irritation, dizziness and fatigue. You can improve air quality in your home by learning about these five common causes of poor IAQ and how to deal with them.

1. Household Chemicals

A common source of poor IAQ is toxic chemicals from cleaning supplies and other household products. Pesticides and air fresheners contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that contaminate indoor air. You can improve IAQ with houseplants that purify indoor air by eliminating toxic chemicals.

2. Secondhand Smoke

Tobacco smoke is one of the most harmful air pollutants in homes. Adults and children can inhale secondhand smoke, causing respiratory issues or even cancer after years of exposure. To maintain healthy indoor air quality, avoid smoking in the house, and don’t let guests smoke there, either.

3. Allergens

Allergens such as pet dander, dust and pollen can contaminate indoor air quality. Get rid of these allergens by investing in air filters. If you have pets in the house, brush or comb them often, bathe them when needed to keep them clean, and vacuum your home to eliminate animal dander, pollen and dust.

4. Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation systems don’t allow air circulation or contaminants to escape from the house. That’s why the air might feel stuffy and musty indoors. It’s advisable to use kitchen vents to remove steam when cooking and baking as well as bathroom vents to exhaust moisture after a shower.

5. Dirty Air Filters

A dirty air filter spreads air pollutants like pollen and dust throughout the house. These contaminants cause health complications. That’s why you should change or clean air filters every 3 months or more frequently, if needed.

Improve indoor air quality by eliminating these air pollutants. We can help keep your family comfortable and keep air contaminants out of your home. Call our team at C & G Heating & Cooling anytime for quick and affordable HVAC maintenance services.

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