During the fall season, you will have to rely on your furnace to heat your home in St. Louis, MO. This implies that the furnace needs switching on and off more often than before. Learning a few tips and tricks on how to use and maintain your furnace safely will guarantee that it doesn’t break down more often.

Change the Air Filters

Air filters in your furnace do a great job of maintaining good indoor air quality within your entire HVAC system. After the winter season, the chances are that the air filters get clogged up, significantly limiting the flow of air and reducing the efficiency of your system. Experts recommend regularly changing your air filter and replacing it with a new one to ensure that the furnace runs efficiently.

Use Carbon Monoxide Detectors

One of the common hazards of HVAC systems is the leakage of carbon monoxide fumes. The odorless and colorless gas can easily contaminate your indoor air quality and, if not detected, could accumulate to toxic levels. Installing a carbon monoxide detector ensures that if your furnace leaks, you can safely evacuate the house.


Keep Combustibles Away

Combustible materials and liquids are a disaster when stored or exposed to a hot furnace. Flammable fluids such as gasoline and paint should stay as far away from hot furnaces as possible. When cleaning the furnace, it should also be standard practice never to use any flammable cleaning solutions.

Schedule Inspections

The furnace is part of the core functional parts of your HVAC system. In your St. Louis, MO, home or office, it is recommended to consider scheduling furnace inspections, preferably once every season. Contact C&G Heating & Cooling today and get full-fledged furnace inspection services in St. Louis, MO, to keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

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