When you’re relaxing in your St. Louis, Missouri, home, your comfort revolves around the efficiency of your HVAC unit. Look out for issues like inconsistent temperatures, higher power bills, condensation, and noises or smells that might signal HVAC problems.

Inconsistent Temperatures

If you have noticed your home is hot even when the AC is running or if certain rooms in your home are chilly when the heat is on, you might have HVAC problems. There could be an issue with your thermostat, outdoor unit, or ductwork.

Higher Than Normal Utility Bills

Noticing an increase in your utility bills is also an indication your HVAC unit may need to be repaired or even replaced. We can inspect the unit and describe why you are having energy efficiency issues. Our technician can offer information about Energy Star replacement units and why this might be your best option.

Condensation, Leaks or Puddles

Sometimes an HVAC unit will become clogged or blocked. This can cause condensation on the unit or you might even notice puddles where fluids are leaking. If you see this, call an HVAC professional to take a look and figure out the problem. We will give you suggestions on how to make sure the unit doesn’t become clogged again and help you keep track of regular maintenance issues.

Noises and Odors

An HVAC unit should not be making loud noises or emit strange odors. If you hear rattling, squeaking, clanging or banging — this is a good indication of a problem. If you notice a rotten egg smell coming from your vents or around your unit — this might indicate a gas leak. It’s important to call an HVAC professional to check out the system and make repairs.

If you want to learn more about our HVAC services, contact C & G Heating & Cooling today. Call us at (314) 254-9196.

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