The typical lifespan of a heat pump is about 15 years. An HVAC system’s longevity depends on a few elements, including its design quality and materials used. Here are three tips for making your heat pump last even longer in Crestwood, MO.

Regularly Replace the Air Filter

The long service life of your heat pump depends on how frequently you change your air filter and have maintenance completed. A new modern filter will ensure your home or business premises get cleaner air. They also shield your system’s internal components from the ravages of the exterior elements, making it last longer.

Ensure the Outdoor Unit Is Always Clean

Many homeowners will ignore the need for a clean HVAC outdoor unit. Dispose of any debris that may accumulate on your outdoor unit, including twigs and dry leaves. Pay special attention to the vegetation growing near your outdoor unit to reduce the risk of blockages to the system.

Clean the Ducts Frequently

Clean air ducts will ensure sufficient flow of air into and out of the HVAC system. This’ll reduce the load on the heat pump and allow it to run efficiently during the life of your HVAC unit. Your ductwork may accumulate dust and debris over time.

Faulty or clogged ductwork will affect the quality of your indoor air. It’ll also cause the heat pump to work harder to maintain the desired interior temperature in the house. Therefore, ensure you clean the ducts regularly to reduce the load on it and to ensure that it can last for a long period with little to no breakdowns.

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