When the next heat wave strikes the St. Louis area, the last thing you need is a malfunctioning AC system. To keep your air conditioner working reliably and efficiently, it’s important to have any problems repaired in a timely manner. In particular, you should promptly call for AC repair service if you notice the following warning signs.

You’ve Lost Cold Air

An air conditioner that’s incapable of cooling needs AC repairs. In some cases, inconsistent cooling performance may eventually progress to a complete failure. In others, a sudden breakdown might leave your system blowing nothing but hot air. Regardless of the root cause, a simple repair visit is all that’s needed to restore your system to proper working order.

Humidity Has Taken Hold

Excessive humidity is a major contributor to poor and unhealthy indoor air quality. It’s also frequently a sign that your air conditioner isn’t working properly. If your AC system can’t maintain a comfortable range of around 30 to 50 percent humidity, it’s time for AC repairs. A technician can evaluate your air conditioner and fix the problem that’s preventing it from removing enough moisture from the air.

You’re Stuck in a Cycle

Normally, air conditioners work by proceeding through a full cooling cycle. They start up and continue to run until they’ve cooled your home to the temperature set by your thermostat. Sometimes, however, a unit may repeatedly start up and subsequently shut off before reaching the desired temperature. This short-cycling process increases cooling costs and can potentially damage key components, so it’s important to address it quickly.

No matter the issue, it’s never a good idea to delay in getting your air conditioner repaired. If you’ve noticed any unusual signs or symptoms, don’t put your air conditioner at risk. Check out C & G Heating & Cooling’s AC repair service or reach us at (314) 254-9196.

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