In the coming months, the cold and dry air conditions in Crestwood, MO, will leave you at risk of contracting colds and other illnesses. One of the ways to fight these risks is by boosting your indoor air quality. Here are three benefits of improving your IAQ.

1. Healthy Breathing

Poor indoor air quality affects your body’s ability to take in deep, full breaths. Shallow breathing can cause fatigue, aggravate breathing complications and even cause panic attacks. Improve your indoor air quality and enjoy deep, healthy breaths to increase your concentration and calmness.

2. Eliminating Allergens and Other Contaminants

Indoor air is often two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Some foreign contaminants that may affect your health include pollen, pet dander, dust and dirt. Adopting practices that boost your indoor airflow can give you air that’s pure and safe for breathing.

These actions include routine air filter changes and professional duct cleaning. Cleaning and vacuuming furniture surfaces and carpets or curtains also helps clear out settled pollutants.

3. Clearing Out Odors

Routine household activities and substances may affect the smell of your indoor air. Cooking, pet litter, garbage cans, air fresheners and burning incense sticks all affect how your home smells. Increasing the airflow with a fan and opening your windows on a sunny day can clear out the smells and boost your air quality.

To sufficiently improve your indoor air quality, you may have to clean some HVAC components, increase ventilation and adjust the humidity level in your home. All these actions also boost the performance of your HVAC system, making it more energy-efficient. Energy efficiency equates to lower energy bills and improved indoor comfort.

A compromise in your indoor air quality can be detrimental to your health, finances and comfort. Contact C & G Heating & Cooling team for HVAC maintenance and repairs to improve your indoor air quality.

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