Homes and their HVAC systems in Kirkwood, MO, deteriorate naturally over time. A home’s aging can lead to multiple HVAC issues, putting homeowners at risk of injury and discomfort. Read on to learn about the three most common HVAC problems seen in older homes.

1. Low Indoor Air Quality

An older home is more susceptible to outdoor pollutants because of all the cracks and crevices around doors and windows. The older the HVAC system, the less likely it is to filter toxic elements from the air. The result is low indoor air quality, which may lead to respiratory and other health problems.

Compared to older houses, modern homes come with airtight construction. While this prevents outdoor pollutants from entering the house and initially improves indoor air quality, it’s important to have proper ventilation to expel organic compounds created in the home. In case you worry about the air quality in your home, consider upgrading your HVAC system or adding an air cleaner or air purifier to your HVAC system.

2. Insufficient Heating or Cooling

It is common for older homes to lack adequate heating and cooling systems. Several factors contribute to this such as poor insulation, a lack of insulation, or just aging HVAC systems.

Older homes also often experience problems with the thermostat also. A temperature setting may not work correctly, or it may be difficult to regulate at all.

3. Leaks in Ductwork

Another common problem in older homes is leaking ductwork. Ductwork that has separations or holes in it can lead to higher energy bills and decreased efficiency.

Leaking ductwork in the home exposes the HVAC unit’s air filters to dust and other contaminants, which can rapidly clog that would otherwise prevent dust particles from getting into the house.

Leaking ductwork can also lead to bacterial growth inside the house. To prevent this problem, a professional ductwork inspection might be helpful to determine whether repairs are needed.

HVAC systems in older homes can have an array of issues. Therefore, it is critical to have them inspected and maintained regularly. Contact us at C & G Heating & Cooling for help with HVAC maintenance, necessary repairs and installations to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

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