Duct Cleaning in Locust Grove, McDonough, Fayetteville, and Griffin GA

duct cleaning

A professional duct cleaning can improve the health of your home and your HVAC equipment. At Meeks Heating & Air, our service technicians specialize in cleaning, sanitizing, and sealing flexible and rigid ducts for customers in Locust Grove, McDonough, Fayetteville, Hampton, Stockbridge, Jonesboro, Griffin, GA, and the surrounding areas.

Signs Your Home Needs a Duct Cleaning

If you experience indoor allergies or if your air conditioner sends the dust flying, your home may benefit from a duct and vent cleaning. Ideally, the ductwork should form a clean, fully sealed air distribution system. However, over the years, contaminants can enter your HVAC unit by sneaking past the filter, creeping through cracks or falling through floor-level vents. Contaminants that enter your ducts coat the internal parts of your HVAC system, slow the airflow and decrease the unit’s efficiency. They also affect your home’s air quality. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends cleaning the ductwork in the following situations.

  • To control visible dust that streams from the vents
  • To clean debris from remodeling or home improvement projects
  • To reduce stale or musty odors that are noticeable when the system starts
  • To sanitize microbial growth caused by water damage or excess humidity
  • To eliminate pet dander, smoke, or debris from previous residents
  • To remove pathogens and allergens related to pest infestations

What to Expect During a Duct Cleaning

For optimal results, our duct and vent cleanings involve a thorough multistep process. To contain particles, we use powerful vacuum equipment that applies continuous negative pressure across the ducts. Then, our service technicians use brushes and compressed air to loosen accumulated dirt in each branch of the system. Specialized agitation tools help us remove stubborn deposits without damaging or weakening the ductwork.

To prevent recontamination, we thoroughly clean the return and supply sides of the HVAC ducts as well as the evaporator coils, fan, and air handling components. If problems are uncovered during the cleaning, our service technicians can seal the ducts and repair any cracks to prevent contaminants from entering in the future. Clean, properly sealed ducts can reduce allergy symptoms, improve your home’s indoor air quality, and help your heating and cooling system run more efficiently.

Air Duct Cleanings Near Me

If you’ve been wondering whom to call for an air duct cleaning near me, get in touch with us to request an estimate or to schedule an in-home assessment. Our contractors will inspect your HVAC ducts and recommend the best strategy for solving your indoor air quality challenges.

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