About C&G Heating & Cooling

Since 1987, Carol & Gus Gotlieb believed in always improving home comfort & quality from the ground up, and to never take the customer, and the expert service C & G Heating and Cooling provided over the years, for granted. This philosophy was the hallmark tradition they set in place for the next generation of heating and air conditioning professionals inside the organization to follow and embrace.

Carol & Gus believed that when it came time to arrive at the customers doorstep for service, the quality, attention and intelligence to fix the problem came naturally. Customer service would prevail on each and every service call. In fact, we believe today, that they were one of the early pioneers of true residential heating and air conditioning customer service before other companies realized it was a requirement.

In years gone by, season after ever-changing season, one economical change after another and well over 11,275 customers that have had heating and air conditioning equipment serviced or installed by C & G, Carol and Gus truly weathered the storm. They were well aware of the critical foundation needed for C & G Heating & Cooling to forever stay in St. Louis for tomorrow’s new customer.

Today, C & G Heating & Cooling has never stopped achieving expert service-ability milestones. We have well over 100 years of accumulative HVAC installation and service experience. We have HVAC repair experts that have serviced and installed the TRANE product line since the early 1980’s. C & G Heating and Cooling have earned the elite status of being a TRANE Comfort Specialist Dealer over the last 5 years. Our installation experts also installed Geo Thermal systems dating back to 1997, way before other companies started to adopt the idea today. We specialize in the service and installation of Energy Star rated equipment and are truly a leader in improving Indoor Air Quality, Air Flow and Safety Management.

Our milestones do not end here. We are and have been responsible for the maintenance and future replacements of commercial HVAC equipment for stores such as The Men’s Warehouse, Mattress Giant, Zales Jewelers and Hot Topic just to name a few. We have and continue to service well over 1,500 units for a leading property management company located in 52 different locations throughout the St. Louis area. We are either affiliated, follow, represent or are members of well over 15 different organizations that are recognized at the highest energy level all the way through the HVAC/R Industry itself and finally, into our 250 educated hours or more a year service staff.

More importantly, our company continues to focus on new heights of success and to focus on processes, value and good work ethic both at work and into your home. C & G is responsible for setting the stage for delighted employees, homeowners and business owners alike. With our superior service always at your fingertips, we can solve any Energy-Comfort-Robbing-Problem your experiencing the ease and professionalism. Carol & Gus Gotlieb would not expect anything less today. In fact, we have raised the bar again by allowing C & G to stand for something even more than what they believed in. Comfort & Guarantees! We are proud to be a financially responsible company, follow all code requirements and maintain measurable growth so you have the peace of mind knowing that we will be here for another 25 years and beyond. Comfort Today…Guaranteed Tomorrow!